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Dehum was first founded under the name Sorption Wheel services in 1996. It was initially a service supplier to users of desiccant dehumidification equipment. Since then, demand for industrial and commercial dehumidifiers and their installation grew with the service business, leading us to become the people who create the solutions rather than just fixing existing problems in dehumidifiers.

This is why we launched Protect by dehum in 2019. The inspiration behind the idea was that we could deliver our twenty-three years of expertise, and leading the global dehumidification market, to the car industry. This means that the adverse impacts of high humidity, including corrosion, warping, and weakness of material, can now be eliminated.

Our company has become a significant supplier of bespoke humidity control systems. We are a true engineering company, managing the design, supply and co-ordinating installations of equipment alongside complimentary services from start to finish.

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Our proactive team of specialists have the knowledge, capability and passion for delivering you a complete business solution.

As Protect by dehum, we’re proud of the diversity of our customer base. From the large multinational corporation to the private residence with a single application, we offer a complete, bespoke solution. Systems are designed, installed and serviced to achieve the required humidity control, accelerated drying and precise environmental conditions demanded.

Our global client list spans across all industries, including food & drink, pharmaceutical, nuclear, automotive, aviation, chemical processing, ice prevention/cold storage, car storage and archives.

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

Enzo Ferrari

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