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Classic Car Garage Dehumidifier

The only effective solution for prolonging (or to prolong) the life of your classic car


Prolong the lifespan of your vehicle

We recognise the joy and value of prolonging a car's lifespan. That’s why our bespoke desiccant dehumidifiers are designed to take care of your car’s environment, so you don’t have to.

It couldn’t be easier to turn your garage into the perfect environment to show off your classic car. Say goodbye to wrapping your car in a protective bubble and protect your pride and joy through an effective humidity control solution. Learn more about how to store your classic car.

Creating the perfect environment for you

A classic car is more than just a car- it’s a living, breathing piece of history. It’s not just about the driving either. Classic cars come from our own individual, nostalgic experiences. We don’t buy them for the sake of practicality but out of a passion to own something that has been manifesting itself in our minds for years.

A storage solution for your classic car is the most important aspect to ensuring that it stays in the perfect condition that you’ve always had in your mind. Without the right atmospheric conditioning- rust, mildew and mould can all easily form and wreak havoc on the materials that make up your pride and joy.

This kind of damage can occur when relative humidity readings are either too low or too high in your car’s environment. As a result, uncontrolled storage can result in expensive repairs and maintenance to fix the harm that has been caused, but all of this can be avoided with a smart investment that saves the time and money that it takes to deal with the repercussions of poor humidity control.

With a classic car garage dehumidifier, the solution to all of these issues is a simple one. By regulating the moisture level to a perfect humidity, your garage will stay in the optimum conditions to ensure that your car will never rust- no matter what the weather is like.

A Protect by Dehum classic car garage dehumidifier will monitor and adjust itself to variable conditions like a door being opened and blow a stream of conditioned air over your pride and joy. This ensures that your classic car will always look as perfect as it did on the day you bought it and that it will run just as smoothly as well.

No rust,
no mildew,
no mould -
No problem.

Our bespoke garage dehumidifiers maintain an environment where problems like rust and mould can’t develop.

What are the ideal conditions for your car?

The ideal environment for most classic cars includes maintaining a relative humidity between 30-50%. Outside this window, your car is left at risk.

Mould growth: X%RH +

Rubber degradation: X%RH +

Iron corrosion: X%RH +

Steel corrosion: X%RH +

Leather dehydration: X%RH +

(plus any other problems with specific RH readings- ask Mark/James for details)

If you store your classic car in a high-humidity location such as the UK, where the average reading sits at around 80% RH, year-round exposure to water vapour could spell disaster for your car.

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