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The Best executive car Garage Dehumidifier solution


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Executive cars embody premium quality along with exceptional comfort. Built with a beautiful finish, the last thing you want is any damage to come to it while in storage

With one simple solution, your garage can become the perfect environment to store your executive car. Forget bubbles and covers- preventing rust and mould has never been so simple.⠀

The challenge/ problem

Your executive car may be premium, but it’s just as at risk from the damaging impacts of humidity as any other car. 

When your car sits in its garage or storage unit, it’s surrounded by air containing moisture. This is a particular issue for cars in high-humidity areas such as the UK, which has one of the highest relative humidity averages across the globe, sitting at 80%RH.

This causes a whole host of problems for your vehicle, including the development of rust which begins above 50%RH and mould which grows at 60%RH and above.

So if you’ve bought your executive car to drive in comfort and luxury, why ruin all that by ignoring the necessary measures needed to keep it that way?

Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle⠀

Creating the Perfect Environment for You

With an executive car- aesthetic is everything. So how do we make sure that your vehicle is always looking brand new?⠀

Here at Protect by dehum, our speciality lies in our ability to provide you with a bespoke turnkey solution to your preservation needs. Our executive car garage dehumidifier solutions utilise the latest 3D CAD software to create the most efficient and aesthetic system for your needs.⠀

By regulating moisture levels to create a perfect humidity level, our executive car garage dehumidifier solutions ensure that your vehicle is kept in the optimum conditions. This fights against an atmosphere that will induce the formulation of rust on your vehicle, ruining both bodywork and mechanics.⠀

A Protect by dehum unit streams conditioned air over your vehicle and makes every day feel like the first day that you drove it.

take the first step. we will do the rest.

With one simple solution, your garage can become the perfect environment to store your executive car. Forget bubbles and covers- preventing rust and mould has never been so simple.

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prolong the lifespan of your vehicle

Creating the perfect environment for you...

Mould and mildew won't be able to form- meaning your vehicle will stay pristine.

A commissioned installation ensures a stress-free assembly of your unit.

With automatic activation and de-activation, you never have to worry about ambient conditions.

1, 3 and 5 year service plans available for your equipment.

No need to cover your vehicle- this helps avoid scratches and preserve shine.

Conditions will never get too dry, meaning leather and rubber doesn't dry out .

No rusting, no pitting. Paintwork looks as fresh as it did when it was in the dealership.

No need for a containment bubble allows you to admire, fettle or clean your vehicle..

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