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The best Super Car Garage Dehumidifier

A supercar is a significant investment, so why cut corners when it comes to taking care of it? Make your garage the perfect place to store your super car. Our bespoke environmental control solution makes rust and mould become a distant memory. Throw the covers away and treat your supercar the right way.


The challenge/problem

When you buy a supercar, you expect the best of the best- after all, they have been made with the most innovative available technology and high performance in mind.

But however state-of-the-art your car is, it cannot protect itself from the poorly controlled atmospheric conditions that surround it in garages and storage units.

Without an effective method of controlling the humidity level, your supercar is left vulnerable. It doesn’t matter where your car is stored- if it’s in a high-humidity location, such as the UK, it will be exposed to the damaging impacts of the surrounding moisture.

Prolong the lifespan of your vehicle

Creating the perfect environment for you

Owning your perfect supercar is about more than just the drive- it’s about the experience and the thrill. When you have Sleek bodywork finished with the perfect shine, the last thing that you want is for anything to happen to your investment. Like any material, your vehicle is susceptible to corrosion if there are no safeguards to protect it.⠀

Moisture is your car’s Achilles heel. When moisture builds, rust will follow. Removing rust from your car is a process that will damage the paintwork and becomes a costly recurring situation.

A sports car garage dehumidifier will regulate the moisture level within the perfect humidity window, ensuring the optimum conditions in which to preserve your vehicle are maintained. The UK is a naturally humid environment year-round and so a sports car garage dehumidifier is the only surefire way to eliminate the risks of moisture at the source.⠀

A Protect by dehum installation will constantly blow a stream of filtered, cleaned and conditioned air over your vehicle to keep your car and its surroundings it in optimum condition.

Simply placing your car in a bubble will do nothing except keep your vehicle clean, protecting your car from rust requires a robust and bespoke solution.

Get the ultimate protection

The solution

In an unconditioned environment where humidity is the primary cause of concern- the place to start is obvious.⠀

While it is possible to try and tackle the effects of humidity by increasing the temperature and airflow rate through heating and ventilation- these methods will only serve to alter the way in which ambient conditions interact with materials and increase your energy bill at the same time.

This means that the solution is abundantly clear: dehumidification.⠀

By including a desiccant dehumidification unit in your classic car storage solution, there is a guarantee that moisture and therefore rust, will never be an issue while your vehicle is in storage.⠀

This kind of unit can be built bespoke to your specifications to integrate seamlessly with your garage design.

Alternatively, you can install a separate humidity-controlled chamber into your garage in which you can store your car.

Whichever option you choose, a desiccant dehumidification unit will not only prevent moisture from being an issue- it will serve the dual purpose of keeping every material that makes up your car in its ideal conditions.

take the first step. we will do the rest.

Make your garage the perfect place to store your super car. Our bespoke environmental control solution will create a space where rust and mould become a distant memory. Throw the covers away and treat your super car the right way.

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