Preserving luxury sports and classic cars in a pristine condition in the UK is a huge challenge to the humidity levels. In order to combat this, we need to understand what humidity is and how it affects the environment around it. Hopefully this “How it works” page provides you with the information you’re looking for.

Our years of experience gained in helping some of the worlds largest businesses deal with their humidity issues, makes us the leading experts on humidity control and storage solutions. Contact us below to receive more information.

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What are the challenges you face?

Humidity relates to the amount of moisture in the air and the ability of the air to carry that moisture.

We often hear humidity given as a percentage in weather reports, and this number will refer to how saturated the air is with moisture. At 100% humidity, the air referred to would not be able to contain any more moisture whilst 50% humidity would be able to carry twice as much moisture than it is holding.

With this basic understanding of humidity, it may come as a shock to know that the UK is one of the most humid countries on the planet, with an average RH (relative humidity) level of 80%. This means that without any work done to protect your car, it will constantly be in a condition that will cause it to corrode. Luckily, we can all but eradicate the devastating effect of these high moisture levels.

You may ask why humidity is so important when looking at storage solutions, so let’s look at the facts:

Materials are adversely affected by a high amount of moisture in the air.

Rust is caused by having high humidity air coming into contact with bare metal surfaces.

Mould growth and damp smells are promoted by having high humidity air in confined spaces.

Leather interiors. if too dry will crack and become brittle, too wet and mould and mildew will form.

Rubber seals are affected by moisture leading to accelerated perishing.

"Removing moisture from the air is the only effective way to control humidity."

So, what are the solutions then?

Our extensive knowledge of vehicle preservation is based upon countless installations and our own research into the effects of moisture on the materials most commonly used in classic car construction. Below is a graphic representation of our results:

As you can see, if the humidity within the space is too high, it promotes rust, mould and fungus growth, degradation of leathers and rubbers as well as issues with electrical conductivity through wires and contacts. On the flip side, if the humidity is too low, leather will dry and crack and rubber will begin to perish.

What we identified was a relative humidity range of between 30% and 50% that would greatly reduce the promotion of rusting, mould growth and degradation of delicate materials such as leathers and rubbers. We also found that this range would keep these delicate materials well hydrated, ensuring that they don’t crack or perish.

So how do we create and control this perfect environment? Through the use of one of our specially designed dehumidifier units.

By passing the air within the storage space though the unit, we can control the exact amount of moisture in the environment. When the moisture reaches the required level, the unit simply shuts down until the space approaches a pre-set humidity, upon which the unit will start again and resume the cycle. This continuous conditioning of the environment ensures that your vehicle will never be exposed to moisture levels that could cause premature deterioration.

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Create the perfect environment for you...

Here at Protect by dehum, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a fully bespoke turnkey solution to your preservation needs. From the moment you contact us with your enquiry, our team of design engineers will assess your requirements and create a package specifically for your space, regardless of size. Using the latest 3D CAD software, we can evaluate how to make the most efficient system whilst also considering the aesthetic of the duct layout within the space.

By constantly recirculating the airflow within the environment, we can regulate the moisture level to a perfect humidity, ensuring the optimum conditions in which to preserve your vehicle. These conditions are monitored by our equipment to ensure that any rise in humidity caused by say, a garage door being opened and closed, is offset by the dehumidifier unit. We even account for the fact that no space is completely airtight.

A Protect by dehum installation will blow a constant stream of clean, filtered, conditioned air over your pride and joy.
Remember that simply placing your vehicle in a protective bubble will do nothing except spoil your vista and keep your vehicle clean.

Prevent the devastating effects of rust as well as mould and mildew on your vehicle

Completely installed and commissioned system, with no need for any self-installation

The unit is completely automatic, activating and de-activating as and when required.

1, 3 and 5 year service plans available for your equipment.

No need to cover or contain your vehicle, so no risk of scratching or damaging paintwork.

Keep Leathers and rubbers in perfect, nourished condition.

Keep brightwork looking like it should, with no pitting or rusting.

Admire, fettle or clean your vehicle without the need to remove any covers or containment bubbles.

Let us show you the full system.....

Let's Protect your car in excellence.

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