Maintain the Value of Your Classic Car

There’s only one solution that will truly protect your classic car and maintain its value, and that’s through using dehumidification. By maintaining a relative humidity (RH) between 40 – 50% in your car storage space, you will stop corrosion, condensation, mould growth and much more. Not only will your car last longer, but you will no longer need to spend costly maintenance repairs due to the damage caused by the UK’s weather.

Phillip was constantly having to repair his classic collection when he approached Protect by dehum. Continue to read to follow his story in how he now maintains the value of his classic cars.

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Prolonging the lifespan of your classic car and maintaining its value has never been easier.

Design your own dehumidifier using the app, DOWNLOAD your design and email to our engineers below. 

PhilLip's journey to Maintaining His Classic Car

Phillip is an experienced classic car owner and had owned them several years before contacting Protect by dehum.

He’d started to notice deterioration signs on his cars; such as mould forming, a bit of rust and had spent a significant amount of money trying to keep them at bay.

Our Top tips to Phillip To Maintain The Value of His Cars

Regular Check Ups

Keep It Clean

Stay Orginal

Pump The Breaks

Drive Regularly

Store It Properly

Step By Step Process to Custom Building his Garage dehumidifier


Looked into the volume of air within the space to determine which of our desiccant dehumidification systems would work best.
garage humidity control


garage dehumidifier how it works
When designing a system for a personal garage, we always aim for a golden band of 30-50% RH, as this allows for the best possible protection for vehicles. The graph below shows the effects of humidity on a range of materials that make up the vast majority of classic and modern classic vehicles.


As you can see, within this band, the level of protection afforded is excellent. Higher than this band, corrosion occurs on steelwork, brightwork, electricals, leathers and rubbers. Below this band and leathers and rubbers crack, dry and perish.


We set the humidity within your garage to 40%, using a humidity probe to control the unit. We also have the option of controlling the unit via 7” Android tablet using a preloaded app providing that the storage space has access to WIFI. This app allows you to view the garage humidity and unit activity from anywhere in the world. We can even install the app on your phone.

Garage Dehumidifier Control Panel


Our complete zonal control system is when the unit is located close to the power supply with a straight duct upstand, only with this install, the ducting runs up to the roof apex. At positions along the apex, damper controlled outlet grilles blow filtered, conditioned air on each vehicle individually. The 3D CAD image below shows a typical installation in a double garage.


Our dehumidifier units work by passing air from within the space through a desiccant rotor. This rotor is a fluted, fibre-glass style material which has been bathed in silica, creating an extremely hygroscopic surface. As the air passes through this rotor, airborne moisture is removed and held. Another air stream flowing in the opposite direction is heated and passed through the material, and the moisture is pushed to the outside environment. The benefit of our system is that it will only ever engage when humidity levels approach the pre-set limits of 45% RH, making it extremely economical.

The Final Results - What Philip had to Say

Phillip was on site when we came down to fit and install his custom-built garage dehumidifier and was gracious enough to us his thoughts.

In the video, he describes the design, the fittings, the quality and the control system.

Watch the full video here.

Final Words...

Let's Protect your car in excellence.

Still got questions? We’ve written an extensive FAQs area from you, the customer. You can see more here.