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Lifespan of your super car

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Make your garage the perfect place to store your super car. Our bespoke environmental control solution will create a space where rust and mould become a distant memory. Throw the covers away and treat your super car the right way.

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prolong the lifespan of your vehicle

Creating the perfect environment for you...

 Owning your perfect super car is about more than just the drive- it’s about the experience and the thrill. Sleek bodywork finished with the perfect shine, the last thing that you want is for anything to happen to happen to your investment. Like any material, your vehicle is susceptible to corrosion if there are no safeguards to protect it.

Moisture your cars achilles heel. When moisture builds, rust will follow. Removing rust from your car is a process that will damage the paintwork and become a costly recurring situation. A sports car garage dehumidifier will regulate the moisture level to a perfect humidity, ensuring the optimum conditions in which to preserve your vehicle. The UK is a naturally humid environment year-round and a sports car garage dehumidifier is the only surefire way to eliminate the risks of moisture at the source.

A Protect by dehum installation will constantly blow a stream of filtered, cleaned and conditioned air over your vehicle.
Simply placing your car in a bubble will do nothing except keep your vehicle clean, protecting your car from rust requires a robust and bespoke solution.

Prevent rust, mould and mildew from forming on your vehicle.

Stress-free installation with a commissioned system, no need for any self-installation.

Automatic and energy-saving, switching itself on and off as necessary.

1, 3 and 5 year service plans available for your equipment.

Covering your car will become a thing of the past- now there's nothing to spoil your view.

Leathers and rubbers won't dry out, staying in a healthy and nourished condition.

Keep paintwork glistening with no pitting or rusting.

No need to remove any covers or containment bubbles. Admire and work on your car without anything getting in the way.

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